Ariana Figueroa

Ariana Figueroa

Ariana covers the nation's capital for States Newsroom. Her areas of coverage include politics and policy, lobbying, elections and campaign finance.

Biden administration to rapidly expel more migrants at the border, add legal pathways

By: and - January 6, 2023

The sweeping new immigration plan brought condemnation from advocates who called it a "shameful expansion" of Trump-era policies.

D.C. nears Jan. 6 anniversary with warnings about extremism, awards for courage

By: - January 5, 2023

President Joe Biden is scheduled on Friday to host a ceremony where he will speak about the Jan. 6 attack and award medals to a dozen people

U.S. Senate opens a new session with a record set by McConnell

By: - January 3, 2023

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer highlighted the bipartisan success of the last two years and outlined his optimism for a continued approach

U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona leaves Democratic Party, registers as independent

By: and - December 9, 2022

The first-term senator said she does not intend to change the way she legislates or casts votes, but plans to be “an independent voice for Arizona.”

U.S. Senate Democrats celebrate a 51-seat majority with Georgia win

By: - December 8, 2022

The last win in the 2022 midterm elections gives Senate Democrats a true majority for the next Congress, and won’t require a power-sharing agreement with Republicans. 

Talks over protecting Dreamers pick up in Congress, but agreement still elusive

By: - December 6, 2022

The success of any major immigration deal appears unlikely, as a lame-duck session of Congress dwindles into its last days.

Biden signs bill that staves off railroad workers strike

By: - December 2, 2022

The trade group that represents railroad carriers estimated that a railroad strike would cost the U.S. economy $2 billion per day

U.S. Supreme Court to review Biden student debt relief plan in February

By: - December 1, 2022

Until the arguments are heard in February and the court issues a ruling, the $400 billion Biden plan is on hold due to a nationwide injunction ordered in the lawsuit by the six GOP-led states

U.S. Senate votes to avert freight rail strike, but bid to include worker sick leave fails

By: - December 1, 2022

Democrats fell short of enough votes to include paid sick leave for railroad workers, a sticking point in contract negotiations.

Student loan repayment pause extended by White House amid legal battles over relief plan

By: - November 22, 2022

President Joe Biden said the extension will give “the Supreme Court time to hear the case in its current term.”

Congressional Hispanic Caucus welcomes new House members, reflects on Latino vote

By: - November 18, 2022

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus on Friday welcomed the highest number of Democratic Latino lawmakers elected to Congress.

U.S. Senate Democrats make a last-ditch push for a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers

By: - November 16, 2022

Democratic U.S. senators aim to pass a bipartisan bill next month to help Dreamers become citizens but don’t have enough GOP support yet.