Ashley Murray

Ashley Murray

Ashley Murray covers the nation’s capital as a senior reporter for States Newsroom. Her coverage areas include domestic policy and appropriations.

New work requirements for some SNAP recipients included in debt limit deal

By: - May 30, 2023

Work requirements for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, and other government benefits were a sticking point during the months of stalemate.

Fentanyl-related drugs permanently made criminal under bill passed by U.S. House

By: - May 26, 2023

The HALT Fentanyl Act would permanently categorize lab-made substances with similar chemical structures to fentanyl among the most strictly regulated drugs under U.S. law.

Biden and McCarthy strike positive tone after debt limit talks, but no deal yet

By: and - May 24, 2023

Neither man divulged details about what remains unresolved nor how soon they hope to reach an agreement.

Progressives try to persuade Biden to use the 14th Amendment to resolve debt crisis

By: - May 23, 2023

Supporters of the idea argue that the Reconstruction-era amendment trumps the debt limit statute, or the law that sets the dollar amount of how much the U.S. government can borrow to pay its bills.

Biden and McCarthy strike positive tone after debt limit talks, but no deal yet

By: and - May 22, 2023

The stalemate could soon disrupt Americans’ everyday lives as well as the global economy.

A default on the U.S. debt would be far worse than a government shutdown. Here’s how.

By: , , and - May 19, 2023

A default would potentially reduce payments that keep millions of households afloat, as well as payments to states and providers for health care for elderly and low-income Americans. 

Biden vows debt ceiling talks will continue while he’s overseas at G7 summit

By: - May 17, 2023

The nation reached its $31.4 trillion borrowing limit in January, and the U.S. Treasury has since employed special accounting maneuvers to continue paying the nation’s creditors.

Some movement reported in debt limit talks as Biden cuts short overseas trip

By: and - May 16, 2023

The United States reached its debt limit in January, though serious negotiations on the country’s borrowing limit didn’t begin until earlier this month. 

U.S. House GOP wants spending cuts — and also $10B in home-state earmarks

By: and - May 11, 2023

House Republicans demanded spending cuts to raise the debt ceiling, but have requested more than $10B in earmarks for projects back home.

Biden and congressional leaders fail to reach a debt limit deal, but will meet again Friday

By: and - May 9, 2023

President Biden said he would like to see negotiations on the debt limit and on future spending to remain on separate paths.

U.S. default could begin June 8 without agreement, top economist tells Congress

By: - May 4, 2023

Moody’s Analytics’ chief economist urged lawmakers to suspend the debt ceiling as soon as possible.

After revelations of luxury trips, Democrats argue U.S. Supreme Court needs ethics code

By: - May 2, 2023

Democrats have criticized Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ luxury travel and real estate transactions with a GOP donor.