Liz Szabo

Liz Szabo

Liz Szabo, Senior Correspondent, is an enterprise reporter who focuses on the quality of patient care and has covered medicine for two decades. Her stories about cancer and overtreatment for KHN have won numerous awards, including first place in the National Headliner Awards. She also was a finalist for the Gerald Loeb and NIHCM (National Institute for Health Care Management) awards. Before coming to KHN, Szabo covered medicine for USA Today for nearly 13 years. Her coverage of mental health and the link between poor health and substandard housing helped her earn the Victor Cohn Prize for Excellence in Medical Science Reporting in 2016. Her investigation of dangerous doctors, written while working at The Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk, Virginia, in 2002, won two National Press Club awards and led Virginia lawmakers to toughen state laws for disciplining physicians.

Pandemic stress, gangs, and utter fear fueled a rise in teen shootings

By: - March 11, 2023

Teens who carry firearms might never plan to use them. But guns and developing brains can be a volatile mix.