Nikita Biryukov

Nikita Biryukov

Nikita Biryukov most recently covered state government and politics for the New Jersey Globe. His tenure there included revelatory stories on marijuana legalization, voting reform and Rep. Jeff Van Drew's decamp to the Republican Party. Earlier, he worked as a freelancer for The Home News Tribune and The Press of Atlantic City.

New rules for election results reporting land on Governor Murphy’s desk

By: - June 26, 2023

The bill would require clerks to post nightly election results to combat election skepticism spurred by late mail-in returns.

N.J. Supreme Court hopeful wins unanimous approval from judicial panel

By: - June 26, 2023

Republicans and Democrats praised the nominee during his hourlong hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee Monday.

Lawmakers spar over equity on down payment assistance program

By: - June 22, 2023

The bill would guarantee $100 million for a state program that offers tax credits to developers who build or rehab homes for first-time homebuyers.

Governor Murphy, legislative leaders unveil compromise senior tax break plan

By: - June 21, 2023

The plan is a compromise version of one legislative leaders proposed last month that would have awarded major tax breaks to senior homeowners.

Bill would expand effort to give nonviolent offenders mental health treatment

By: - June 21, 2023

The programs allows people with mental disorders facing criminal charges to avoid jail time and have their charges expunged.

Lawmakers seek end to public defender fees, liens

By: - June 20, 2023

New legislation would stop fees imposed on defendants who cannot afford an attorney and allow public defenders in parole revocation hearings.

Lawmakers prepare tweaks to public records law that critics call an assault on transparency

By: - June 16, 2023

The bills would narrow the list of public documents, bar most record suits, and lengthen response timelines.

Ex-Senate president’s center warns N.J. will likely drain reserves in coming years

By: - June 15, 2023

Multi-year forecasts the Steve Sweeney Center for Public Policy released Thursday say the state could be $18.5 billion in the red by 2027.

Governor Murphy appoints new campaign finance watchdog board

By: - June 15, 2023

The Election Law Enforcement Commission will have a full board for first time in 12 years. They're expected to oust the executive director.

Lawmakers take bipartisan swing at deepfake regulation

By: - June 14, 2023

A new bill seeks to bar the use of synthetic media to aid crimes amid a technological boom that has made it easier to create deepfake videos.

Senate panel approves business tax overhaul

By: - June 13, 2023

A bill retooling the state's business tax is ready for a full Senate vote after winning bipartisan approvals before the chamber's budget panel Monday.

Bail reform panel recommends stricter rules for repeat offenders

By: - June 9, 2023

The Joint Committee on Criminal Justice Reform found those facing charges from multiple arrests were far more likely to face rearrest pretrial.