Zachary Roth

Zachary Roth

Zachary Roth is the National Democracy Reporter for States Newsroom.

Anti-democratic moves by state lawmakers raise fears for 2024 election

By: - September 23, 2023

To those working to protect democracy, some of the most explicit efforts to undermine the popular will have for years been happening in the states.

Not just Ohio: Biased language is the hot new tactic to thwart ballot measures

By: - August 31, 2023

Direct democracy advocates see ballot language disputes in Ohio, Missouri, and other states as another tactic in the larger war on ballot initiatives playing out across the country.

Americans are worried about democracy. You wouldn’t know it from the GOP debate.

By: - August 24, 2023

Though the on-screen banner read “Fox News Democracy 24,” the eight candidates onstage weren’t asked about elections, voting, or democracy throughout the two-hour production.

Changes in state election laws have little impact on results, new study finds

By: - July 14, 2023

The study by political scientists from Stanford and Tufts universities appears just as a heated debate is flaring again in Congress over the partisan and racial impact of recent voting laws.

Federal health insurance website lags in voter registration assistance, Democrats charge

By: - July 2, 2023

Some senators want the Biden administration to make it easier for the millions of Americans who sign up each year for health insurance through a federal website to register to vote.

Red and blue state divide grows even wider in 2023’s top voting and election laws 

By: - June 23, 2023

Red states and blue states are moving in opposite directions in the regulation of election administration, one election law scholar says.

States with low election turnout did little in 2023 to expand voting access

By: - June 18, 2023

Turnout rates matter for the health of a democracy, because the higher the rate of voting, the more closely the result reflects the will of the people, and the more legitimacy it carries.

Ruling in Alabama case could boost suits increasing Black voters’ power in other states

By: - June 11, 2023

The ruling is likely to provide a major boost to lawsuits challenging racial gerrymanders from Georgia to Washington state.

GOP-led states plan new voter data systems to replace one they rejected

By: - May 26, 2023

A close look at how ERIC was set up and how it operates suggests that building any new interstate partnership from scratch will be a major challenge.

A top GOP lawyer wants to crack down on the college vote. States already are.

By: - April 28, 2023

A GOP election lawyer caused a stir when she told GOP donors the party should make it harder for college students to vote in key states.

U.S. elections official takes part in secretive GOP conference, sparking backlash

By: - April 14, 2023

Election experts call the move highly improper for an official charged with helping states administer fair and unbiased elections.

Federal agencies lag in registering voters despite Biden executive order, advocates say

By: - April 11, 2023

A report says if every federal agency created a “high-quality” opportunity for people to register they could add around 3.5 million new voters to the rolls each year.