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Democrats’ crime focus in final hours of campaign frustrates progressives

BY: - November 8, 2022

As Republicans bash Democrats as soft on crime, Dems fearing a red wave have toughened their message as midterms loom, irking progressives.

Lawmakers advance bill to require state documents to be translated into 15 languages

BY: - November 8, 2022

Over 150 languages are spoken across New Jersey households, but state agencies are usually only required to provide documents in English.

Murphy signs law aimed at speeding up unemployment payouts

BY: - November 4, 2022

The bipartisan measure will make administrative changes to how unemployment insurance is paid out by expediting reviews of unemployment applications

Lawmaker calls for review of state office that prosecutes public corruption cases

BY: - November 4, 2022

A legislator is calling for a review of the state office of public integrity and accountability after judges overturned two corruption cases it prosecuted.

Insurance, taxes dominate first car-sharing regulation talks

BY: - November 4, 2022

The Legislature took its first step toward regulating car-sharing services Thursday, hearing testimony on a bill that would implement certain insurance requirements.

Lawmakers may give auto insurance minimums another look

BY: - November 3, 2022

Sen. Joe Lagana's bill would raise personal injury coverage minimums to $50,000. It follows a failed push to raise them to $250,000.

More safe syringe sites needed to reduce infections from injecting drugs, study says

BY: - November 3, 2022

Infections from injecting drugs hospitalized thousands of people, killed hundreds, and cost over $1 billion in N.J., a new study found.

Incarcerated people endure health care, safety problems in prisons, report says

BY: - November 2, 2022

A state watchdog received more than 1,000 calls a month from inmates reporting abuse, theft, inadequate health care, and more at N.J. prisons.

Researcher sues state to allow DNA testing in Lindbergh kidnapping

BY: - November 2, 2022

Ninety years after the Lindbergh baby kidnapping case, a researcher wants to prove Bruno Richard Hauptmann was not the lone kidnapper

Lawmakers move to combat rise in sexual extortion

BY: - November 1, 2022

Sexual extortion often involves an offender obtaining nude photos from a victim — often by posing as a love interest on online dating sites — then threatening to release them to the victim's friends and families.

Bill permitting police at polls in schools and senior centers gets Assembly OK

BY: - October 29, 2022

A handful of white Republican lawmakers denied that police make anyone feel uncomfortable anywhere during a fiery debate Thursday.

Fast-tracked bill to limit concealed carry stumbles as constitutional concerns mount

BY: - October 27, 2022

A fast-tracked bill to limit concealed carry hit a snag when Assembly leaders yanked it from a scheduled vote over constitutional concerns.