Social Justice

Panel finds ‘dismaying’ bullying by feminist leaders

BY: - July 3, 2023

State leaders of the National Organization for Women of N.J. accused local leaders of racist, ageist bullying. An arbiter ordered sensitivity training.

A year after Dobbs, New Jersey abortion rights advocates celebrate wins — but fear backsliding

BY: and - June 23, 2023

Several proposals sought by abortion rights activists have stuttered in the Statehouse pipeline, leaving advocates with clear marching orders on what’s left to be done as they mark the anniversary of the Dobbs decision.

Senate passes bills to toughen car theft penalties

BY: - June 20, 2023

Senators approved bills to heighten penalties for people who steal cars or car parts, especially repeat offenders and crime-ring members.

Bill to expand electronic monitoring of violent offenders sparks concern

BY: - June 19, 2023

Lawmakers say expanded electronic monitoring would protect victims from dangerous abusers. Critics worry about fines, racial impact, and more.

Bill would allow hospitals to hold involuntarily committed patients longer

BY: - June 16, 2023

Doubling how long hospitals can hold involuntarily committed patients would provide more time to secure psychiatric care, supporters say.

Bill to ban menthol cigarettes moves forward, despite objections

BY: - June 16, 2023

Critics of a proposed ban on menthol cigarettes said it would hurt businesses. A Senate panel advanced it anyway, citing addiction concerns.

Legislators advance bill to feed all students free lunch in New Jersey by 2028

BY: - June 15, 2023

Supporters of free school lunches for all say it would eliminate the stigma that keeps some hungry, low-income students from participating.

New public database sheds light on who gets arrested in New Jersey, and why

BY: - June 13, 2023

A new public database allows the public to search aggregated data on defendants in New Jersey's criminal justice system.

Bill to toughen penalties against fentanyl dealers advances, despite outcry

BY: - June 12, 2023

With fentanyl driving most overdose deaths, several lawmakers want to toughen penalties against dealers. Critics fear users will be arrested.

Lawmakers propose 14 as minimum age for juvenile delinquency

BY: - June 12, 2023

Most states set a minimum age to arrest and prosecute children who do wrong. New Jersey does not — and several lawmakers want to change that.

A leftover pandemic restriction in prisons deprives some of ‘lifeline’ family visits

BY: - June 8, 2023

State prisons require visitors to call to schedule a visit, a pandemic-era hurdle some say has kept them from seeing incarcerated loved ones.

Cannabis agency to give priority to social equity businesses for some licenses

BY: - June 1, 2023

Commissioners voted to give social equity applicants priority when seeking wholesaler, distributor, and delivery licenses for one year starting in September.