Constables are ‘outdated relic’ and should be abolished, N.J. watchdog says

BY: - December 8, 2021

A state watchdog group is calling on New Jersey lawmakers to abolish the position of constables statewide, saying county constables often misrepresent themselves as sworn law enforcement officers, engage in policing activities beyond their authority, and use their position for personal profit. In a report released Tuesday, the State Commission of Investigation said constables are […]

Bill would require language translations for some private contracts

BY: - December 8, 2021

A new bill approved by a Senate committee would require certain contracts to be translated into the language they were negotiated in. The bill, S4238, would extend to some motor vehicle contracts, consumer loans, rental contracts and leases, foreclosures, and contracts for legal services. Under the legislation, if two people negotiated the sale of a […]

Bills would help people with disabilities gain employment

BY: - December 8, 2021

The state could employ more workers with disabilities and create a new program to give those residents more job opportunities under two bills advanced unanimously by the Senate Labor Committee Monday. The first measure, S3418, would create a fast-track authority to help people with disabilities get appointed to jobs with state agencies. The second, S3426, […]

House Republicans slam treatment of Jan. 6 defendants held at D.C. jail

BY: - December 7, 2021

WASHINGTON — Four House Republicans held a Tuesday press conference to complain about the poor conditions at a District of Columbia jail housing inmates charged with violence in connection with the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.   But a District of Columbia advocate for prison reform in an interview said that jail and another […]

Students push for bills to expand transparency on school security, discipline

BY: - December 7, 2021

Awwal Lawal’s high school has only three guidance counselors for 1,200 students, no air conditioning in most areas, and school meals so meager students sometimes leave their lunch break hungry. But the district spends plenty of money on security, he said. “I used to think it was normal to have guards in schools,” said Lawal, […]

Lawmaker, advocates urge creation of drug affordability board

BY: - December 7, 2021

Jared Schechtel was forced to make a difficult choice: his health or his finances. As a teenager, the 23-year-old developed Crohn’s disease, an autoimmune disorder that inflames the gastrointestinal tract, and he later developed opsoclonus myoclonus syndrome, a rare neurological disorder. “I get bi-monthly Remicade infusions that cost about $35,000 for each one. This means […]

Lawmakers make bipartisan push on tenant tax relief

BY: - December 7, 2021

Lawmakers are making a bipartisan push to amp up a tax deduction for renters. The Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee on Monday unanimously approved a bill increasing the amount of rent residents can deduct from their taxes. “Everyone focuses on property tax relief for homeowners,” said Assemblyman Chris DePhillips (R-Bergen), the bill’s chief Assembly […]

Bill advances that would punish discriminatory real estate appraisers

BY: - December 7, 2021

A New Jersey Senate committee advanced a bill Monday that would penalize real estate professionals who make discriminatory residential appraisals based race, creed, color, or national origin. The bill would also require appraisers to provide property sellers with information about how to report suspected discrimination to the state Division of Consumer Affairs. Offenders face fines […]

Investigation urged of doctor who operated on immigrant women in detention

BY: - December 6, 2021

WASHINGTON — Two congressional panels are calling for Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas to investigate a doctor who was accused of performing gynecological procedures on immigrant women in a Georgia detention center without their consent or full understanding of the treatment being performed. In a Dec. 3 letter, Democrats on the House Homeland Security […]

Bill expanding contraceptive access advances in N.J. Senate

BY: - December 6, 2021

A bill that would require health insurers to cover contraceptives for 12 months at a time — instead of the six months now mandated by state law — advanced in the New Jersey Senate Monday. Testifying before the Senate Commerce Committee, bill sponsor Sen. Shirley Turner (D-Mercer) said the change will help reduce abortions by […]

Bill would allow mail-in ballots to be counted before Election Day

BY: - December 6, 2021

After widespread dismay about lagging and often opaque vote counts, a Republican legislator plans to introduce a bill Monday that would allow county election officials to begin tallying vote-by-mail ballots before Election Day. The measure, sponsored by Assemblyman Christopher DePhillips (R-Bergen), would permit county election boards to open and canvass mail-in ballots as they are […]

Women would sign up for the military draft under defense bill in Congress

BY: - December 4, 2021

WASHINGTON — As the Senate works to finalize a major annual defense measure, there is a bipartisan push to include a requirement that all young Americans — including women — for the first time register for the military draft. The $777.9 billion measure, the National Defense Authorization Act of 2022, also would allocate millions to […]